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MindShare Education is the sisters concern of The Elevators which has been working as an English Medium Institution, teaching students from Standard 2 to A Level since 2020. Concerning about the further studies of the students, MindShare has started to develop programs to attend universities for both nationally and internationally.
For students who are interested to continue their studies in aboard require IELTS, SAT and other study abroad programs. We have organized proficient programs for such courses. We are also transferring students to universities in USA, Canada, UK, Malaysia and China in our study abroad program.
For students in nationwide, we are offering admission courses for Public Universities like IBA of DU, BUP and JU. And for private universities we are focusing on NSU, IUB, BRAC and EWU.
MindShare’s main mission and vision is to provide proper guideline and quality service to studies like their main center The Elevators.
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